Tesla and SolarCity Unveil the Future of Clean Energy in L.A. – Bruins, Now It’s Your Turn

By the FuturizeX team
Image from SolarCity: Solar Roof, introduced by SolarCity and Tesla – energy storing solar cells designed with the aesthetic of regular roofing tile.

Tesla and SolarCity unveiled the future of clean energy in L.A. this past weekend with the announcement of their new integrated solar panels and Tesla’s PowerWall 2.0. The combination of these two inventions will allow residential homeowners to go off the grid by replacing their entire roof with solar panels.

Bruins, now it’s your turn to shape Los Angeles. Here are a few tips on thinking through your idea for this year’s 2nd annual Student Challenge:

It’s simple. Just follow the steps below:

  • Identify a major problem facing L.A. – The drought? Air quality? Housing? Health? You name it.
  • Using your knowledge in relation to science, technology, engineering, arts, and/or mathematics (S.T.E.A.M.), develop a new technology or invention to address the problem identified. Think about how it works, its impact on the issue, and what steps are needed to make it a reality. How will your idea shape Los Angeles?
  • Make a pitch in 400 words or less, accompanied by one visual diagram (optional) describing your new invention or technology. Tell us how it works, its impact, its feasibility, and remember what you’re being scored on. You can only use 400 words or less, so choose your words wisely.
  • Do you have a blueprint, diagram, or illustration? You can submit one with your pitch, if you have one, to help us visualize or understand your idea.
  • And of course, have fun. No pressure here. We know you’re full of awesome ideas. We just want you to share them with us!

You’re all set. The Nov. 14th deadline is coming up fast, so what are you waiting for? Submit your idea.