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Built for Mars: UCLA Architect’s NASA Award Winning Design for a Sustainable, High-Performance Habitat

By architect and artist Guvenc Özel, a lecturer in the UCLA Department of Architecture and Urban Design

NASA called for designers in 2015 to envision a 4-astronaut Mars habitat for their 3D printed habitat competition. The challenge was to create a plan to 3D print and build a design that used primarily resources indigenous to the Mars planet. I saw this competition as a perfect platform to develop new techniques for re-creating…

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Teleportation Not Required: A New Approach to Classify Planets in the Galaxy

By Jean-Luc Margot, Astronomer, Professor, and department Chair for the UCLA Department of Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences

The International Astronomical Union defined in 2006 what it takes to be a planet: the object needs to be in orbit around the Sun, it needs to be a nearly round shape, and it needs to gravitationally dominate its neighborhood – or what astronomers like to call “clear its orbital neighborhood.” The catch? This definition…

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