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Taking its cues from emerging technologies, FuturizeX is a campus-wide initiative at UCLA for students and the greater Los Angeles community to explore the new innovations and ideas transforming the blueprint of tomorrow. Made up of a forum series, a student challenge, and a tech news blog covering all things tech on campus, FuturizeX is an unprecedented initiative at UCLA to inspire the next generation of thought leaders and inventions for the 21st century.

about-icon-speakersForum Series
Our public forum series brings together today’s leading minds from UCLA and L.A.’s tech industry to give you a glimpse into the future.
about-icon-studentStudent Challenge
The FuturizeX Student Challenge asks Bruins to identify a major problem facing the world and imagine one amazing idea or invention to solve it.
about-icon-innovationsBruins in Tech
Discover the latest life changing breakthroughs now within our reach, and hear directly from the faculty and tech pioneers of the Bruin community making them happen.

FuturizeX Staff

Andres Cuervo


taylor zeinert

Taylor Zeinert

Associate Director of Outreach & Events

Partnership Advisory Board

Peter Diamandis

Founder and Executive Chairman, XPRIZE

Eric Esrailian

Co-Chief, Division of Digestive Diseases, UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine


Nancy Katano

Executive Director, UCLA Corporate, Foundation, & Research Relations

Rhea Turteltaub

Vice Chancellor, UCLA External Affairs


XPRIZE is a facilitator of exponential change. From the $2 million Wendy Schmidt Ocean Health XPRIZE to the $30 million Google Lunar XPRIZE, the non-profit organization runs audacious but achievable multimillion-dollar prize competitions to address some of the world’s grand challenges. These competitions have in turn spurred the development of truly transformative technologies, like SpaceShipOne, which completed the first private manned space flight in 2004 and contributed to the launch of the private space industry.

About UCLA

For nearly 100 years, UCLA has been a pioneer, persevering through impossibility, turning the futile into the attainable. Its world-renowned faculty, students, staff, and alumni helped create the Internet, pioneered reverse osmosis, and many other technologies transforming our world. UCLA’s can-do perspective has brought the campus 12 Nobel Prizes, 10 Rhodes Scholarships, more NCAA titles than any university, and more Olympic medals than most nations. UCLA’s optimism is what enables it to push forward and redefine what’s possible.