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They said we would have hoverboards by now. Vacations on the Moon. What happened to the future? To thinking big? At UCLA and XPRIZE, we still are. We are at the forefront of tackling some of the world’s most pressing challenges and developing technologies once thought beyond our reach. That’s why we teamed up to launch FuturizeX, a campus-wide initiative at UCLA to showcase the thought leaders and technologies transforming the future of Los Angeles.

Taking its cues from emerging technologies, FuturizeX is the home for all things tech at UCLA. We are a platform for students and the greater Los Angeles community to explore the new breakthroughs and new ideas that are transforming the blueprint of tomorrow in transportation, medicine, robotics, and beyond.

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You Can See the Future from Here.

Discover the latest life changing breakthroughs now within our reach, and hear directly from the faculty and tech pioneers of the Bruin community making them happen.


See What’s Possible

Meet the Game Changers.

Every quarter we’re inviting some of today’s most visionary thought leaders and pioneers to give us a glimpse into the future. 

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The Next
Elon Musk will
be a Bruin.

We are challenging Bruins to identify a major problem facing Los Angeles and imagine one new and amazing idea or invention to tackle it. The grand prize? $4,000, a VIP tour of Google L.A., and a Virtual Reality headset.

How Will You Shape the Future?

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